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Welcome to Oxford Model High School

The Importance of Having Education at Good School .


The Classrooms are spacious well ventilated and equipped with modular school furniture and CCTV camera’s.


Over the past nineteen years Oxford Model High School has continuously achieved 100% results with maximum percentage.


Assessment of child is done every month and the assessment report is displayed to the parents and taking feedback from them.



Organization takes care of the physical activities of the children from Nursery to VIII Std through various games.


The institution is permanently affiliated with the Indian Council Of Secondary Education Board, Hyderabad.


Our modern school buses are equipped with GPRS tracking and onboard security cameras.

Oxford Modelhigh School for Excellence

OMHS (Oxford Model High School) is best school in Hyderabad and its aims to provide a platform to its students to acquire the wealth of knowledge upholding the ethical and moral values.

Oxford Model High School designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. we have included primary school for young children and secondary school for teenagers who have completed primary education.

  • We aim to enable our students to utilize the acquired knowledge, skills, attitude and values for their spiritual, moral and spiritual development.
  • To develop leadership qualities and team spirit in them
  • To develop the spirit of co-operations, belongingness and service to humanity.
  • To nurture love for environment and wild life.
  • To channelize the inexhaustible energy of the young in the right direction towards creativity and self sufficiency and to fully utilize their inherent talents.


Infrastructure is A Key Element of Students’ Learning Experience.

Digitized Class Rooms

Classrooms are spacious well ventilated and equipped with modular school furniture


Library is spacious and has a treasure trove of books, including reference books, high quality magazines, digital library.

Security Surveillance

We have ensured that CCTV camera’s are fixed in every class rooms, labs, corridors and play areas

Computer Lab & Finest Laboratory

The latest and best available equipment and computer facilities are provided to the students.

Loving Teachers


Teacher & Student Ratio

Estd. Year



Respecting early childhood development as a foundation for learning, The curriculum at Oxford Model High School As we facilitate children’s appreciation of global cultures, we integrate a mindfulness curriculum, helping students explore their autonomy and individuality, exercise self control, discover intrinsic motivations, work with enthusiasm and non-attachment to outcomes, and learn to collaborate with their peers.

Through storytelling, we explore universal values, and connect literature to other areas of the curriculum, such as visual art, music, and theater. Each child learns respect for their own and their classmates’ art along the path of their own self-discovery.


At this stage, we focus on engaging children through creative teaching methods and in the process stimulating their curiosity and imagination in the Pre Nursery, Nursery, K1, K2, Grade 1 and Grade 2 level. Thus, encouraging academic and holistic development from an early age.

Primary School

Familiarizing the students of III-V with higher learning concepts and knowledge assimilation while they can develop rigorous academic habits and hone their skill sets. Practical learning is emphasized as we believe in ‘learning by doing’.

Secondary School

Expanding the horizons of learning and mastery of advanced concepts and skills of students from classes VI to X. Special competition preparations are also a part of the curriculum, as we provide higher platforms to our students.

Parent Feedback

What Parents Say About Our School

Oxford Model High School provides an excellent educational experience with a strong academic foundation, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. The school focuses on holistic development, encouraging students to excel in academics, co-curricular activities, and character building. It is a top choice for quality education in Hyderabad.

Ragavendra Reddy

Parent of 4th standard Latha

The staff at Oxford Model High School is extremely helpful, ensuring that my child receives everything he needs for his education. The teachers have been wonderful in keeping us informed about his school life. Overall, it is the best school, providing an excellent experience for both students and parents.

Rama Laxmi

Parent of 6th Class Vanitha

Oxford Model High School has been instrumental in boosting my child’s confidence and supporting her in all aspects of her development. The dedicated teachers have played a crucial role in her growth. I am extremely satisfied with the school and would like to express my gratitude to the management of Oxford Model High School. Thank you for the excellent support and guidance.

Swapna Kumari

Parent of 8th Class Greeshma