To Gandikota, Belum Caves and Yaganti

On a school tour, students are energized, excited and thrilled in anticipation of fresh perspectives and informal environments. The most fun and pleasant time is on the transportation from one city to another. It allows students to witness things from a fresh perspective, while trying to learn more about new situations in an informal environment.

 Most importantly, there aren’t any tests, and students can learn at their own pace. They don’t have to worry about meeting the standards of a defined curriculum, and every student has something to take away from the experience. Such an interest-driven experience proves to enhance the overall learning. 

During educational school tours, students can also take an integrated approach to understand the holistic nature of experiences. They don’t have to familiarize themselves with textual or abstract presentations. Enriched and reinforced experiences lay the foundation for intellectual stimulation. 

Field tours are specifically designed to stimulate curiosity and engage students.